Julia and one of her ducks.

Julia came to Neruda with dreams of homesteading, DIY living and collective action. For her, that means not feeling alienated from the sources of her food, shelter, entertainment, social interaction and whatever else she needs to get by. She joined Neruda seeking a healthy culture of mutual support as well as an abundance of close human relationships. Since she moved to the community in November of 2012, she has focused most of her energy on establishing a vegetable garden and keeping poultry (ducks and chickens). However, recently (Summer '14) she has been taking on many building projects and is becoming increasingly interested and skilled in that area. Regardless, she sees farming as her primary domain, and she is still experimenting with different ways of raising plants and animals while stewarding the land. There is still much to be learned and so many possibilities for cool projects! She's especially excited about developing Neruda-specific vegetable varieties and livestock breeds that are well adapted to the environment in our mountain pastures and forests as well as the specific desires, needs and habits of the community members.

She hopes that these landraces could be passed on to future community members.

Before living at Neruda, Julia lived in Montreal where she had studied French Translation with minors in Spanish and Arabic at McGill University. She worked as an English editor for subtitles in an office environment for a couple of years before deciding to move back to the States. She now continues that work as a freelancer and has added some French-to-English translation and occasional other editing services to her income work. While living in Montreal, she was part of several collectives that organised around food justice as well as a bike coop. She also participated in some of the student protests against tuition hikes and helped organize resistance to the corporate takeover of campus food services. Originally, she hails from Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Here are some more fun facts about Julia:

  • She likes hanging out with people but she's usually a homebody.
  • She is an anarchist and tries to support the principles of anti-oppression whenever possible.
  • She really loves winter squash. She just likes looking at it, even.
  • She's real messy but she's trying very hard to change that and not accumulate stuff.
  • Since moving to Vermont, she's really gotten into contra dancing and contact improv dance.
  • She has some knowledge about how to fix bikes, computers and cars.
  • She likes singing and makin' music.
  • She's very interested in plants/fungi and has a special affection for wildflowers - not to pick, but to look at and learn about.