We live on a beautiful section of land, 200 acres, 40 of which are fields and the rest wooded, including an acre pond (with a camp of sorts), a stream, and trails. We live in an earthship (underground, passive solar, largely built from recycled materials) that we are still in the process of finishing. Also on the land are an old farmhouse occupied by the Neruda's second family. To our south and northwest, we are bordered by 25,000 acres of state forest. To our west is 300 acres of village forest. The views from our land are stunning, as we're surrounded by hills and mountains.

We have beautiful land for farming and for raising animals, if anyone is interested in doing those things. We have the beginning of a fine orchard. There are several old apple trees and a pear tree that require pruning (we hope to get to it someday). We have planted four chestnut trees, two plum trees, and 20 blueberry bushes and have plans for another pear tree or two, Siberian kiwi, and possibly cherry and peach (yes, there is a northern variety).

We envision working with others to create renewable energy projects (microhydroelectric, wind, solar, biomass), better and more well-kept trails that will be open to the public, and other environmentally green projects. Marshfield is a town of 1600 people. The town is environmentally conscious and receptive to environmental projects. The town 'center' includes a restaurant, a general store, and a video rental store. Nearby Plainfield has awesome pizza, a great restaurant, Goddard College and a food coop. There are also food coops in St. Johnsbury, Hardwick, and Montpelier (each 1/2 hour away).