Neruda is a secular, egalitarian community that welcomes children,
human diversity, ecological sensibility, mutual learning and joy.

We envision coming together so that we may better live in accordance with our beliefs, and for the joy of community. We believe that all people have high and equal value, and that respect for all living things has priority over material wealth.

We are committed to living our values personally, in the community and in the outside world. We respect and welcome people of all races, ethnicities, creeds, ages, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and experiences.

We undertake to create a community in which adults and children can share their lives through work, learning and play and grow with nurturing and support, as a diverse rural community that values ecological sustainability, respect and support for children, integrity, nonviolence, mindfulness, beauty, harmony, healthfulness, simplicity, creativity, joy, honesty, trust and fun. We want to work to grow strong, long-term connections among members and with the outside community, continually seeking to work together, learn together and teach together as much as possible.